Grab a VIP ticket to join the full day conference. Our speakers are a mixed bunch, some live in tiny houses full time, some have self built others bought turn key ready. Others have a wealth of knowledge on living off-grid, downsizing. What does that mean for you? They can share real world experiences from hard-won lessons because they’ve been there. Learn during in-depth sessions and connect with speakers to answer all your questions. Don't forget to check out the Tiny House of the Year Awards which will also be announced at the Conference! 

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Bryce is the host of the popular web series Living Big in a Tiny House. Since 2013 he has been traveling the globe exploring the world of small space design. In 2018 he published a book on the subject. Bryce will be speaking about the growing tiny house movement in New Zealand and around the world and will be sharing his own personal tiny house journey.



Keith loves building tiny houses from reclaimed and recycled materials. He built a Victorian steampunk yellow submarine tiny house out of an old grain silo, a spa pool, some ex telecom parabolic dishes and lots of other stuff. Keith also built a colonial tiny house using recycled and reclaimed materials. When his kids decided to list it on airbnb, it changed their lives completely. Keith and wife Jen have since met hundreds of enthusiastic tiny house people from around the world that have come to stay in the tiny houses! Keith will be sharing his building experience, tips to save money, and inspiring us all to repurpose and think outside the "grey box" when designing and building your tiny house!"



Laura is the Design and Implementation Manager within the Building Performance branch at MBIE. She has held roles within regulatory and central government environments for the last 10 years. Laura and her team are currently drafting guidance material to promote a consistent approach for builders and owners to navigate processes in regards to Tiny Houses across New Zealand, which will be published ahead of the Expo. Paul has over 20 years’ experience in the sector, which includes working as a construction and project manager and undertaking various regulatory roles in central and local government. The many and varied roles in the sector has enabled Paul to develop a strong understanding of the both the technical and regulatory areas of the building control system. Paul has worked for MBIE and the former the Department of Building and Housing, for over 10 years.

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Meet two 90’s kids based in West Auckland who, like everyone else, fell in love with tiny homes! The idea to go tiny wasn’t just purely to jump on a new “trend” but because they believe that tiny homes are the first step to creating an affordable, eco-sustainable, debt-free future for themselves. They can’t wait to share their DIY tiny house journey with you from the very beginning of how they discovered their passion for tiny living to actually designing and building their very own tiny house with only a $45,000 budget! 



As a family of four within the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), the Bone’s home is where the job sends them. They believe Tiny House living is the perfect solution for their transient family currently
living in West Auckland. Instead of getting caught up in the rising house prices throughout the country, they decided to scale down and start living Tiny. Russell and Sarah will be sharing about their dream of having a Tiny House community on every New Zealand Defence Force base. Despite some obstacles along the way, the Bone family will share how they now live mortgage and debt free after moving into
their beautiful, highly efficient, three-bedroom Tiny House at the beginning of 2021. With less stress and less mess, they have so much more time to enjoy life together no matter where life or the RNZAF may take them.

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Marie was a lab technician who dreamed of building herself a tiny house, after 5 years of planning and saving she embarked on her DIY-built tiny house adventure. Marie made many mistakes along the way (and she will list them all so you won't have to go through the same mistakes) but she loved every second of it. Now almost 3 years later she is happy living in her tiny house, she has also started a carpentry apprenticeship and is looking forward to many more building adventures. Marie will talk about her journey and how to get started building your own tiny home when you have zero building experience.


Kim is a life-long traveler who divides her time between Tokyo, Auckland and Queenstown. Last year, Kim and her husband Teru decided to switch their main living space from 400sq metres to less than 40. Kim retired from a busy career at 54, and wanted to do away with high overheads to have the freedom to slow down, pursue a healthy lifestyle and spend more time with loved ones without compromising on quality.  Kim designed their first tiny house using inspiration from her Scandinavian background, with a detailed list of features based on comfort. The plan is to have three tiny homes; two in NZ and one in Japan, for less than the cost of an Auckland one-bedroom unit. Kim will share her story of drawing the perfect tiny home on a piece of paper (with no previous experience!), and making it a reality with the help of a group of friendly builders. She will explain why tiny living comes easy and why less is more. Kim believes that tiny living is the perfect fit for those dreaming of dividing their time between their favourite places.      



Winners announced at the Tiny House Conference, the Awards celebrate New Zealand’s best tiny house builds. Excellence is rewarded in three categories, with the best tiny house receiving the premier award of New Zealand Tiny House of the Year. The awards are one of the industry's most sought-after accolades in the tiny house industry. Each year, the Awards entries provide a unique insight into tiny house design and the contribution New Zealand's architects and designers make to enhancing the innovative movement in New Zealand.