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  • Is the event family friendly?
    Children are welcome to attend the expo.
  • Will the speaker presentations be available after the event?
    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee presentations with be available after the event.
  • Will there be any discounted or free tickets?
    Yes! We're super excited to announce that we'll be offering discounted and free tickets through our email list and Facebook page, so make sure to sign up for both if you haven't already! You'll get access to promotions, giveaways in the lead-up to the event.
  • Will there be food and drink available?
    Yes! We will have a delicious selection of food vans and coffee vendors on site during the event. We welcome you to buy some lunch and relax in the food court during the day.
  • Where can I park?
    We understand your enthusiasm about joining our event, and we want to ensure you have all the necessary information about the parking arrangements. The venue offers parking at a rate of $6 per car for the initial hour, followed by a charge of $2 per hour. The maximum daily parking fee is $18.
  • What accessibility options will there be?
    There will be wheelchair access available for the building into the event. However, please note that because of limited space inside the tiny homes, we cannot guarantee there will be wheelchair access into each tiny home on display most will have steps leading into each tiny home.
  • If I leave, can I get back in again that day?
    If you're a ticket holder, you'll get an entry stamp on your hand when you first enter the event. This stamp allows you to come in and out of the event for that particular day.
  • Will there be door sales?
    Yes, we will have door sales on the day of the event. However, they do cost more and buying online saves you money, allows you faster entry into the event and allows us to know how many people are coming.
  • Who can I contact with additional questions?
    If you have any additional questions, or would like to contact one of our team, please feel free to email us at
  • Will there be speed dating?
    Look, we want you to connect with people who have similar interests, and we’d be thrilled if you found your soulmate at the expo, but we’re not facilitating any dating services. Just be yourself, you’re fabulous.
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