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The Little Story Behind The Big Idea

This is a story, all about how a life got flipped - turned upside down…

The short version?
One woman's decision to live tiny turned into a savvy business idea or three, bringing you the Tiny House Expo, The Tiny House Hub, and Landshare. To help bring consistency to the finicky legalities of building, buying, selling and living the tiny house lifestyle. Now you can enjoy our nationally renowned expo year after year! Boom.

Tiny House Expo is an event pulled together from the creative, freedom-seeking, adventure-loving mind of Sharla May. Sharla lives and breathes Tiny Houses, and has turned her experiences into not only this ever-expanding expo that you know and love, but is dedicated to helping you along your journey.


From humble beginnings, selling her home in 2017 and building a tiny house with a goal of financial freedom, Sharlas experience and knowledge has introduced her to not only a new way of thinking and living, but a wealth of people with experience in all the right areas.


Tiny House Expo started way back in 2017 with a whopping 70 attendees. We’re probably pushing it to even call that an expo to be fair, but it was the beginning of something far from tiny.

Year after year we’ve grown and attracted more and more attention, with an incredible 10,000 curious Kiwis now attending our event. It’s no easy feat, but we’ve got a network of experts in every aspect of tiny house living - from the builders and architects, to the designers, the functional systems, the land owners, and the legal experts. Not to mention the marketers, the digital creators, and the staff on the ground who pull together to make the expo happen!

Through the Expos, Sharla has connected with loads of tiny house enthusiasts across New Zealand. Early on, she identified three core challenges: The lack of reliable information around tiny house building and living, ways to find land to live on in tinys, and the confusing and inconsistent legal situation. 

Sharla set out to address all three. As a founding member and key initiator of the New Zealand Tiny House Association, she brought together a group of like-minded people to address these challenges, particularly those relating to the lack of clear legislation and regulations across the country. In 2019/20 Sharla lead a working group through the New Zealand Tiny House Association to develop a draft bill for the long-term dwelling in tiny houses on wheels and develop a building standard for tiny homes on wheels.

Our goal is to help you bring your Tiny House dreams to life - without the stress. It’s an alternative way of living that’s gained momentum in recent years and shows no signs of slowing, and we’re so excited you want to be part of it!


Join us at the next Tiny House Expo and experience it for yourself - we’re certain you’ll walk away with something you didn’t arrive with, be it knowledge, products, ideas, or friends!

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