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Meet our team behind the scenes

Sharla May

Founder & Director

Jack of all trades master of none, tiny house obsessed. In recent years is now introduced by her friends as Tiny House Sharla due to her ability to turn any discussion into one about tiny houses.

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Ollie May & Ava May



Eight paws are better than four. Teaming up these two cover our online and event security needs. Ollie is quick to sniff out any potential online scammers while Ava specialises in event security and can alert us of any intruders, attempting to sneak through the gates.

Lisa Jansen 

Writing & Marketing Advisor


Lisa is our content writer, while travelling the country in her mini tiny house on wheels – a Ford Transit campervan. When she’s not too busy kitesurfing, paddle boarding, hiking and generally living life to the fullest, Lisa also helps out with general marketing advice.

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Jason & Iain

Website Developers


Monkey see, monkey do! Iain and Jason are two geeks who've been tinkering with computers since forever, and as the name Two Monkeys suggests, they're pretty relaxed and easy to deal with!

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Lucy Heald 

Event Manager


Lucy admits that she has a problem… she absolutely loves delivering events. Surprisingly, after doing so in Europe and New Zealand for nearly 25 years, she still hasn’t had to lay on a leather couch and talk about it!

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Lisa Davey

Copywriter & Email Marketing Strategist


Lisa is a professional copywriter and email marketing strategist, she loves pulling ideas together turning them into captivating words that inspire, entice, and intrigue, Lisa’s a lover of coffee and crystals, mother of three, and gardening geek .

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