Conference & Awards

Immerse yourself in knowledge and inspiration with a VIP ticket.  

The Tiny House Conference + Awards will level up your expo experience.

We’ve got a fascinating mixed bunch of speakers for you - some live in tiny houses full time, some have self-built, others have bought turn key ready.


You’ll hear the real stories. The wins, the challenges, the ins and the outs - these guys have been there and they know the journey. With in-depth sessions on offer, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions till your heart's content - all those little niggly concerns and ‘what-ifs’ that have been holding you back. 


Unlock the secrets to financial freedom, passive income potential, and a simple + stress-free (well, mostly!) life at the Tiny House Conference.

Meet the speakers


Russell & Sarah Bone

As a family of four within the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), the Bone’s home is where the job sends them. They believe Tiny House living is the perfect solution for their transient family currently living in West Auckland. Instead of getting caught up in the rising house prices throughout the country, they decided to scale down and start living Tiny. Russell and Sarah will be sharing about their dream of having a Tiny House community on every New Zealand Defence Force base. Despite some obstacles along the way, the Bone family will share how they now live mortgage and debt free after moving into their beautiful, highly efficient, three-bedroom Tiny House at the beginning of 2021. With less stress and less mess, they have so much more time to enjoy life together no matter where life or the RNZAF may take them. Watch the video tour

Check out the best in the business

Your VIP expo ticket not only lets you into these inspiring speaker Q&A sessions but gives you access to the NZ Tiny House Awards

We’ll announce and share with you the best picks of the bunch this year in four different categories, providing a unique insight into tiny house design and the contribution New Zealands architects and designers make to enhancing this innovative movement in Aotearoa.

Is that legal?

We’ve pulled together all of our knowledge and experience to deliver you a super informative legal presentation at the conference. Sometimes the nitty gritty legalities of building and living tiny aren’t clear - and that’s a struggle we’re keen to lessen.
You’ll have the opportunity to participate in an in-depth Q&A session with a panel of experts after the presentation so you can gain clarity and confidence in your decision making on your tiny house journey!