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What to expect at the Tiny House Expo

So we’ve piqued your interest, huh?

Awesome. This is a unique lifestyle event like no other, and we want to see you here!


Tiny houses are many things to many people. For young people, it’s a beacon of hope in an over-inflated housing market. For those wanting to downsize and live a more simple life, it’s a perfect solution. For entrepreneurs, it's earning extra rental income. The common thread here is independence. Everyone has a right to their own space at a fair price. And with the speed that modern life spins, having your own orbit at home has never been more important. Size is the only sacrifice. If you can do without the extra meters, you’ll be astounded by some genius features. And only at the Tiny House Expo can you inspect and compare all the various tiny house and alternative living products from New Zealand’s best businesses! 

You’ll find:


An impressive Tiny House Display Village

Take a stroll through some of the coolest and most inspiring tiny houses on the market - maybe you’ll find the perfect turn-key option, or fill your mind up with inspo and ideas? At the very least, you’ll get a real feel for what it looks like to live tiny. We love it, and we think you will, too!

An alluring building and sustainability market

We’ve got loads of exhibitors showcasing their products and services. Connect with the right trades and service people, buy something cool, and learn about more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to live your life - there’s something here for everyone. Not to mention the epic expo-only deals and offers you’ll find!
Hungry? We’ve got that covered, too, with delicious food and drink vendors on site to suit every tastebud!

Exciting and informative seminars

Not your average ‘sit-in-a-meeting-room’ event, the seminars have a mix of speakers who’ve been there, and done that. Lets not forget the inspiring Tiny House Awards. Learn something new, hear real life stories, gain confidence and be inspired with this line-up - not to be missed!

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